Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hopes And Dreams

this weekend was the best :)

i was spending this weekend in my home :) my old room my old bathroom heheh wanasaa shwaay :)

jojo went to alshaleeh at wed he told he will spend the the weekend there but on Thursday he came back at midnight ;) he misses me


i thought that i am pregnant this month hmmmmmmm i just notice that i am not :S i don`t know this pregnancy thing makes me little bit anxious i don`t know if i am really want to have kids now or not hmmmmmmmm

my dream is to do my masters :) thanks God 7a6aaw el e3laan enshalah i am going tomorrow to apply yaraab alaah eesaahel 3alaay :)


Anonymous said...

if u are not sure that u want kids no use the pill. common sense!

eshda3wa said...

i dont think anyone can really be "ready" to have kids, it changes ur whole life! its so 3ade to feel anxious

hope things go well with ur masters!

Unknown said...

you sound like your having fun which is a good thing

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NoNoWa said...

Having kids is a big step, but a wonderful one. You are never really ready to have kids. I got preganant 7 months after I was married.I really wanted a baby, but I was scared, but look now I have 2, and I want more. Just dont think about it to much and when it happens, it happens. Take it easy, new bride.