Saturday, March 24, 2007


hmmmmm she Didn`t approve my leave :( i just want to go to "3omra" with jojo :( offff giving me the promotion means that i have to stuck to work ???!?!?!?!?

i felt that i am going to cry walah i really want to go with jojo to el3mraa enshalaah yaraab now i am going to tell her that i need 2 days b4 the weekend enshalah she will approve ??


Chicken Soup said...

don't worry 7abeebti inshallah she'll give u at least 2 days off :/ did u tell her why ur going?? maybe then she'll understand :( i hope you get to go!

Anonymous said...

akrah akrah your boss! sh-hal na7aaaaaaaaaaaaaasa!!!

By the way, nice blog, I am a big fan :)