Friday, March 30, 2007


I meet my friends at the avenues todayJ I really had fun mashalaaah it is a great place and I feel proud that finally in Kuwait we have some great place

The most important thing that it is next to the area I am living in now heheheheh ashwa I found something good living in this place

I was complaining all day that I can not live in such a place after mishref u can not live anywhere but now I found something interesting next to me , so I started to love my place

I had fun really I bought lots of things and the most important thing I stopped thinking about jojo and how he left me home

I know this thing made him mad , he was calling me and keep asking me if I am enjoying my time

Now I am waiting for him he didn’t arrive

Yswaa enee a39eb o aswee hoosha or a36ee el mawthooo3 6af ?!?!?!?


Jewaira said...

Marriage is all about give and take. Everyone needs breathing space and just like you neeed time with his friends so does he.

If there is something that is bothering you, then it is time to talk about it in a gentle way, with a loving attitude from you so that he doesn't become defensive.

Respect breeds respect and you should always treat your partner with respect and love. He will do the same.

All the best

Jewaira said...

Correction! lol:

Everyone needs breathing space and just like you neeed time with your friends, so does he.

Chicken Soup said...

7abeebti isalfa ma tiswa.. i know its upsetting lama ur man yi5aleech oo yiroo7 yig3ad wiya rab3a, oo thats one reason why i hate diwaniyas!! my bf yinsa idinya once he gets to the diwaniya oo sometimes when i call him, he doesnt answer, oo wayid nitnajar 3ala halmawthoo3.. laish? cuz its his "guy" time.. yisolfoon.. yil3iboon kout.. enjoy things that he does doing with his friends..

its ok to get angry though, but you have to remember inna at night, you're the girl he's coming home to and he's your husband 5ala9 for the rest of your lives inshallah.. its okay innich t'3areen 3alaih bes il7anna wilnijra is only gonna make him want to be with his friends more.. fa let him enjoy his time, and you enjoy your time with ur friends :)

but itha fee shay 7ail 7ail imthaygech, talk to him - hatha raylich mafrooth mat5isheen 3anna shay :) bes of course kilshay bhadawa!

good luck 7abeebti :****

Anonymous said...

i don't fight when he leaves me.. i cry.. i get so emotional, 3ad Ot is not the outy guy, he is so so homey, rarely he leaves the apartment without me, yet i miss him easily. its cute that he knows you love him so much and will miss him even for a few hours away.. but you need this time for many things.
1. a break, watching tv, internet, movie
2. calling friends, family (its not really cool talking on phone while ur hubby is close)
3. cooking a special dinner
4. get all pampered.

and 4 is my favorite :D

oh.. something i noticed about Ot, could be a case for most men, he doesn't like discussing a problem, if he comes back forgetting he was mad at you or you mad at him and he talks all normal and cool.. then u forget it too. just make sure he doesnt do something that 'really' deserves ur upset.

eshda3wa said...

glad u had fun

sweety if something bothers u , u should talk about it
bs latsaween hosha

intay ra7 tet3been