Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Girl :)

My Brother just Had baby girl today heheheh everybody is telling me that she is cute and "Takhtookha" heheheh i can`t Waite to leave work and see her

my youngest brother told me that she looks like "Sumo wrestler " heheheh 7raaaam

hmmmmm i don`t know when i am going to have kids ??? Jojos talked to me about it he don`t want kids now :(

i don`t know what to do


Anonymous said...

like me... he doesn't want kids......

i want it sooooooooo badly.

eshda3wa said...

mabroook!! tetraba eb 3ezkom ya rab

wats the rush to have kids?
mesta3yla 3al shiga?
enjoy jojo wjile u have him all u yourself
and kids will come inshallah :)

Chicken Soup said...

awwww mabrooook ma yaaakum! :D whats her naaame? yitrabba ib3izza inshalllah :) wilfal lich!