Tuesday, March 27, 2007

300 / Friends / Bad luck

i went to this movie 300 , oh my God i love it , my problem that i live in a move when i love it , the story is touching , although i don`t recommend it to any one who study Greek History and mythology to watch for the test :)

Oh my God The abs Of those Spartans ...... Jojo get disappointed heheheh although he is in a good shape mashalh and he is attending gym daily but they were different hehehe i thought it is a good chance for me to make fun of him and made him thinking alot the same way he did for me when i started to gain weight when i first get married , thanks God i am loosing weight now i need now only 3 kilos to get back to my ideal weight heheh a7saan khaal y7tar ....

i hate his friend , i really hate him he always calls in bad times o ma yst7eee really o jojo ma yrtha 3aleeh , they are always go to the gym together so any time he is free he will call jojo o yalaah khal nrooo7 el nadee

i was fighting yesterday with jojo telling him that he is controlling you he got mad on me but even me we were just relaxing in our bed after lunch when he called i got mad i told him i don`t care if his wife ma tadree 3anaah or whatever she is doing at this time but i am a working woman and i need u to be with me , i know ana ga3daa a3aned but i really felt bad .

so when he come back i had this plan in my mind , i was online and i was watching Pic from the 300 movie hahahahahahaha and admiring their bodies so he decided that he is going to change the gym cuz he is in this gym just because his friend is there . i hope that guy will not change his gym too

my bad luck :) Monday is my holy day watching desperate housewives and ugly Betty so i get ready on time and once ugly Betty started the show time channels disappear because of the rain . it comes back at the end of desperate housewives :(


Anonymous said...

oh my god sooooooooooo many similarities!!!

awal shay i booked for us 300 yesterday !

second my husband goes to the gym with his friend ( i don't hate his friend, bel3aks so far i like his advice and he gets the guy busy so he doesn't feel boredom n his life).

third... i am trying to lose my las t 5 kilo's.

forth, i watched the whole first season of ugly betty :D its lovely very girly.

hey girl, plan something big for the long weekend, we are traveling.

e... and advice, the 300 guys they didnt get normal training, no regular gym, no expensive gym either can do this.. they were BEATEN AS HELL, IT WAS VERY VERY TOUGH. so don't let ur husband even think about it :) at least no kirsha and u are fine girl lol

Anonymous said...

how much does losing weight mean to your husband? it seems like your going out of your way to please him, but you never talk about what he has to offer in return..

NewQ8 Bride said...

Vyyvaa: looooool that`s why we read eachother blogs ;)

i wish fun in this weekend , no plans this weekend cuz next week i am going to 3omra with him :)

double d : loosing weight means alot not only for him also for me :) i love how i look like when i am in good shape .

what he did for me ???? hmmmm i need a time to write about it

Thanks for reading my posts