Saturday, March 31, 2007

by Love

the weekend is going to end , i learned alot from all of you , nice comments that makes me think , and makes me feel that i am not alone and i can share my feelings

ya we fight a lot but at the end we are sleeping next to each other , hugging , even if we are mad because we can not sleep apart :)

really , without feeling we get closer then we end up hugging

i can not sleep without the feeling of your breath . Love you so much

Thanks God for creating Love , because by Love all our problems are resolved

Friday, March 30, 2007


I meet my friends at the avenues todayJ I really had fun mashalaaah it is a great place and I feel proud that finally in Kuwait we have some great place

The most important thing that it is next to the area I am living in now heheheheh ashwa I found something good living in this place

I was complaining all day that I can not live in such a place after mishref u can not live anywhere but now I found something interesting next to me , so I started to love my place

I had fun really I bought lots of things and the most important thing I stopped thinking about jojo and how he left me home

I know this thing made him mad , he was calling me and keep asking me if I am enjoying my time

Now I am waiting for him he didn’t arrive

Yswaa enee a39eb o aswee hoosha or a36ee el mawthooo3 6af ?!?!?!?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

what is happening ??

what is happening now ? it is our weekend , we have to be togeather , i don`t know if what i am doing is right or no

i hate this racing things , jojo is a big fan of this reacing competition he is a one of the team so he left me home to prepare for the race tonight :(

i don`t know why he can not understand that he is married now ??? is itbecouse of me ? when we first get married i thought i have to be the cool wife and it is ok to let him go to his frinds any time and also me i can meet my frinds and life goes on may cuz i was afraid that i am going to loose my life so i showed him that i don`t mind anything

i am wrong i know that .

the problem that we are fighting everytime he leave me :( i don`t know may be i sm so sensitive may be

it is on ly six monthe i thought these kind of stuff happens after 2 years :( hmmmmm i am so mad i guess i am going shopping now may be i will feel good then

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

300 / Friends / Bad luck

i went to this movie 300 , oh my God i love it , my problem that i live in a move when i love it , the story is touching , although i don`t recommend it to any one who study Greek History and mythology to watch for the test :)

Oh my God The abs Of those Spartans ...... Jojo get disappointed heheheh although he is in a good shape mashalh and he is attending gym daily but they were different hehehe i thought it is a good chance for me to make fun of him and made him thinking alot the same way he did for me when i started to gain weight when i first get married , thanks God i am loosing weight now i need now only 3 kilos to get back to my ideal weight heheh a7saan khaal y7tar ....

i hate his friend , i really hate him he always calls in bad times o ma yst7eee really o jojo ma yrtha 3aleeh , they are always go to the gym together so any time he is free he will call jojo o yalaah khal nrooo7 el nadee

i was fighting yesterday with jojo telling him that he is controlling you he got mad on me but even me we were just relaxing in our bed after lunch when he called i got mad i told him i don`t care if his wife ma tadree 3anaah or whatever she is doing at this time but i am a working woman and i need u to be with me , i know ana ga3daa a3aned but i really felt bad .

so when he come back i had this plan in my mind , i was online and i was watching Pic from the 300 movie hahahahahahaha and admiring their bodies so he decided that he is going to change the gym cuz he is in this gym just because his friend is there . i hope that guy will not change his gym too

my bad luck :) Monday is my holy day watching desperate housewives and ugly Betty so i get ready on time and once ugly Betty started the show time channels disappear because of the rain . it comes back at the end of desperate housewives :(

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Girl :)

My Brother just Had baby girl today heheheh everybody is telling me that she is cute and "Takhtookha" heheheh i can`t Waite to leave work and see her

my youngest brother told me that she looks like "Sumo wrestler " heheheh 7raaaam

hmmmmm i don`t know when i am going to have kids ??? Jojos talked to me about it he don`t want kids now :(

i don`t know what to do

Saturday, March 24, 2007


hmmmmm she Didn`t approve my leave :( i just want to go to "3omra" with jojo :( offff giving me the promotion means that i have to stuck to work ???!?!?!?!?

i felt that i am going to cry walah i really want to go with jojo to el3mraa enshalaah yaraab now i am going to tell her that i need 2 days b4 the weekend enshalah she will approve ??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks God

hmmmm i was going to write about something else but my manger called me

i went inside and she told me mabrooooooooook u got a promotion to Grade 3 by choice el7amdeelaah welsheker lellah thanks God

i `ve been working here for 2 years o thanks God for everything

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my dream \my wedding Dress

since i was young i always dream that i will have my own business , i never played with girls toys , i never pretend that i am the mother and my toys are my kids feed them and clean them never , my mo was worried about that :P she thought that i will be "9abyaak" even though i was so petite o waayed na3ooma o 3a9laa <----6ab3aan b4 long time

my favorite game was is to be a laundry manger <---silly i don`t know why , sometimes i played that i have an ice-cream shop , or a being a hair stylist all my barbies were bold or to be a makeup artist and to have my own fashion boutique .

my little sister maskeena she must play all these games with me even if she don`t want too :P and her role in the game always "el farrasha " the cleaner maid heheheheh she is remembering all that and she told me if i had a baby girl she will get her revenge back

any way my dream is growing up with me but my problem i don`t have patient :( i ordered some handbags and shoes once and i sold and i got a great profit then maleet hmmm i am thinking about it now lots of girls are working hard on that why i am not ??? so ......

i decided something , my friend suggest that to rent my wedding dress hmmmm so i attached the picture :) what do u think ??it`s from Lady roi bridals the boutique is located in L.A so if u`re interested and you now someone who did just send me a message :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hopes And Dreams

this weekend was the best :)

i was spending this weekend in my home :) my old room my old bathroom heheh wanasaa shwaay :)

jojo went to alshaleeh at wed he told he will spend the the weekend there but on Thursday he came back at midnight ;) he misses me


i thought that i am pregnant this month hmmmmmmm i just notice that i am not :S i don`t know this pregnancy thing makes me little bit anxious i don`t know if i am really want to have kids now or not hmmmmmmmm

my dream is to do my masters :) thanks God 7a6aaw el e3laan enshalah i am going tomorrow to apply yaraab alaah eesaahel 3alaay :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nail 2 u <----closed

i just called nail 2 U service and she told that they closed heir shop and they turn it to something else they only do the home service :((( 7asafaaa for me i prefer going their

ma7lhom mkaan Amber elee bl jam3eeya :)

woooow i read your comments and thanks for it i am so happy :)

try Nail Club bl jaberya i love it i will post the prices and the place :)

love you all

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nails 2 U

This nail spa is located in my home area :```( Mishref

waaay ya7alaat mishref big different than the place i live in now :) heheheh thanks God jojo ma yakhleenee aroo7 elaa jam3yatnaa heheheheh

i did try it at the shop but they have new service at home nail spa :)

try it :) walah it is worth it

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spa :)

As Fwai7 mentioned the Spa topic , i want to talk about it today , before the spa thing was not that popular in kuwait , and massages were inside some hair saloons and it is only for old women ,

My Nanny was from Egypt she was living with us when my oldest brother was born , now he 36 she was only 14 when she arrived to kuwait she was doing home massage for mom and i was really want to her to do for me but i thought doing massage is only for adults :)

it totally different now girls are doing massages almost every month and i remember that when we was at collage that we`re stressed and we need to relax so after collage we nag out and go to spa time hehehe it is really fine that thought and ideas really changed through generations :)

now i can`t stay more then 2 months without going to the spa it is nice and relaxing and you feel that it is the luxury of life , el 9ra7aa ekee ma troo7 ma 3ndhaa salfa :)

but what i love in spas barah el kuwait that you can book a room with your husband and you can have you massage and treatment together o 7adaa shay 7loo so once i tried that we could`nt make to go to spa here in kuwait :( cuz it is really romantic and fun too to be with your husband .

in Malaysia we did massage on the beach o 7adaa kaan 3ajeeb o very romantic :) bas you know what ?? some girls were telling me : shloon trtheen enaah women touches your husband !! it is ok for me he is doing massage with me in the same room so why should i get mad and jealous !!! am i wrong ???
editing : ooof i invited jojo to lunch he told me that his mom msawya gada :(((( offf i wana go out

Monday, March 05, 2007


To be honest with you , i am soooooo busy and i decided today to just read the comments and that`s it .

after reading your encouraging comments i dropped off my work o "jabalt my pc " :) i started to love reading blogs and writing my thoughts :)

i will replay today and i feel happy doing that : )

*-fwai7 : u r amazing and khla9 u became my online friend mashalah you got a high-class taste of choosing gifts , i love it , it is a great gift heheh u remind once when i told my sis in low to come with to spa time her husband said hatha mkaan kharbee6 :P thanks for your advice o alaah ewafgich o nfra7 feech :)

eshda3wa thanks alot dear :)

Anonymous : the reason to write in English that after i graduated i started to loose my writing skills in English so it is a Chance for me to start write again and to improve my language

MissQ8ya85 : heheh 7yaatee walah thanks alot :) o yes jojo 3ndaa okhoo wa7ed :) khooosh 6abaaakh ;)

Kthekuwaiti thanks thanks alot i loved your blog 2 :)

Double D : i don`t want to totally change my husband he is great man but if there are some parts in his personality can be changed to be better , there is nothing wrong in that , and yes he knows that i have blog but i told him that he should`nt read it because it`s my diary and he respects that :)

love you all

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March The Birthdays Month

This month is totally spending month , it`s my Mom`s Birthday , my Brother`s birthday , 2 of my Friend's Birthdays added to it my mother in low Birthday oooh i forget also it`s mother`s day heheh

this year it was really new to me the first time for me celebrating my mom's birthday and i am married , it was all new to me and i discovered lots of things that mothers are different and each one has her own of raising her kids and teach them morals and behaviors , i was shocked that my husband never celebrates his mom `s birthday not only him they never think about it in their house even his sister she didn`t think about it and she didn`t bring or even called her mom
:(( this is really sad it is totally different atmosphere then my house el 7mdelaah

we have been taught in my home that birthday`s are important it is our way to thank our parents for what did they do to us every year we did secrete plans to surprise my mom or my dad
it is something spacial between us

i felt sorry for my husband family they didn`t experience all this things , thanks God my husband likes the way how is my family are treating each other and he told me that he wants me to raise my children the way mom mom and dad raised me enshalaah :)

any way we bought for our moms indoors BBQ grill er also i gave my mom birthday card with some amount of money << class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_9">girller is not enough
birthday cards is the most important thing to me i spend the night writing ti her what is really in my heart , she loved the card and i was happy

my mother in low when we gave her the gift she got excited but i don`t know when we gave her the card she said " alaaaah shnoo 7a6een lee floos !!!! " totally different then my moms reaction and el 9ra7aa we didn`t give her a money " it is non of my business "

i didn`t like the way she is thinking i can not communicate with her

el 7amdelaah my husband is changing he is thinking like me he became just like one of my brothers with same interests and i feel great for what i did .

Alhanbali : thanks thanks for your comments , the feminism topic need a time to talk about enshalah soon i will explain my view to you

kthekuwaiti : thanks alot :)