Saturday, February 10, 2007

Work again :)

Working is started all over again , the semester started and we started working , everybody came back from their vacation

i went to the airport yesterday at 11:30 pm God it was full really full people are coming back to school :P

my family arrived yesterday i am Happy they are back it is the first time they r traveling without me and i felt bad :(

but what can i do i am married now and i just came from my honeymoon heheheheh

i miss them alot i miss my Sis <<----7maaaaraaa i love her she is my only sister


Qa6Wa said...

7mdella 3ala salamat.hom o alla y5aleelich ur sis inshalla

and after u graduate inshalla, u get to travel even more :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

heheh thanks dear blasha

sweety i am working that`s why i could not take a leave and i can not leave my husband
hathee thareebat el zawaaaj :)

Chicken Soup said...

awww 7mdilla 3ala salamat'hum ;D
dont worry after a while ull get used to it oo inshallah u and ur husband itsafroon oo it will be a new experience :)
good luck with work!!