Wednesday, February 07, 2007

woooow :)

Thanks thanks all of you 3laa your great thought el7amdelaah there r girls and women thinking like that
walah people must change dazzeld
anonymous : don`t let salfat el a9el wel fa9el ta3meech mn ench tshoofeen el good things bl naas come on :)
fwai7 :) good luck o enshalah I heard that you will get married to the one you loved o egraay 3laa nafsich :P

vyyvaa: u words makes me feel great again :) walah I am happy that there are great nice people just like you

see ya


Dazzelled said...

No problem!

Speaking of marriage from love... I'm currently in a relationship right now wnshala with time we will get married. Bs ana '7ayfa mn il na6ra oo khayfa yseer shay before it happens. Sometimes I obsess about the tiniest things! Fa how was your experience, if you don't mind me asking? Sometimes I'm afraid to talk about it to anyone, khayfa ina a7ad ygooli I'm doing the wrong thing by knowing a "special someone" before I get married to them, ma3a ina il7amdellah, we haven't done a single thing wrong and I'm very cautious about that...

Anonymous said...

dazzelled, qethby roo7ich ow laat saween shay a7sanlich.

dazzelled said...

Can you please explain?

Dazzelled said...

Can you please explain?

*-fwai7-* said...

7abeebti killich thoq oo a5laaq :* 7addich it'hableen oo i really enjoy reading ur blog :) thanks for the sweet comment winshallah bagra 3ala nafsi ehehe!

dazzelled :O im in the saaame situation as u.. oo 7addi 5ayfa oo mo 3arfa shlon ilwath3 lana al7een 3arafni 3ala ahala even though we're not planning on getting married for a while.. fa madri.. a7is its risky bes its too late to change anything.. i think its best if you know someone b4 u get married cuz t3arfeen a6ba3hum oo shloon yit3amalon in certain situations..
oo ba3dain you feel more relaxed with the person.. ya3ni it6ee7 ilmiyana oo nothing is rasmi anymore.. oo its the perfect way to start a new life together :) Allah yiwafegkum!