Tuesday, February 06, 2007

why ???

Today morning I got a phone call from my friend A , I like her cuz she is my friend bas she is maleeega sometimes and I don`t like her way of behaving hmmm dasheet b mawthoo4 thanee

any way I was wondering about something we are Muslims and we know that all Muslims r equal but here in Kuwait the idea of el a9el o esm el3aylaa really matter

I hate this subject look my mom is from 3ylaa a9eela o my dad is not but he is wel educated we lived mashalaah 3eeshaa waaayed zeena  but I got rejected from some guys who proposed to me because of el a9el !!! Why is that happening waayed banaat khoosh banaat well educated 7lween ma ytzawjoon bsebat el a9el

back to my friend before I get married kha6bnee wa7ed mn 6arfhaa a friend of her sure he rejected me and i know why cuz of the family stuff even that he is mo a9eel bas 3ayla ma3roofa I was shocked el 9ra7a bas el 7mdeeleeh alah mo kateb today my friend el maleega dagaa 3laay tgoolee enah kha6ab wa7da o halwa7daa 3mrhaa 29 she is younger than him only for one year , divorced bas mn 3yalaaa o gamat t3added a9lhom o fa9lhom
oh my god leesh em naas bas hatha tafkeerhom oof any way ham fe naas ma yhemhom hal ashayaa`a my husband mn 3aylaa a9eela they never ask about anything ahaam shaay 3ndhom elbnt tkoon zeena o san3aa

a7laa shay bl blog bedaal ma aroo7 a7esh 3nd wa7daa mn elbanaat a6le3 7arrtee hnee


Anonymous said...

Sara7a I got jealous when you mentioned your husband is a9eel.
Wa7na banat el a9il, who are we supposed to marry?

Dazzled said...

Allah yahdeehom, shal 7achi, a9eel oo mo a9eel. :(

vyyvaa said...

anonymous just took the opposite side of what u pointed....

we've lost/gained different culture from our parents, but aseel/non aseel thing oesnt seem to move away.

aside from that, i understand what u mean by ur friends behaviour, girls can be so mean and insensitive sometimes.

*-fwai7-* said...

hehehe my boyfriend is a9eel and to be honest i dont really know itha ana a9eela wila la2 lanni ma a3teref ib hal ashya2 iltafha.. 6ool 3umri amshi 3altafkeer inna ila9eel bil6abe3 wila5laaq mo bism il3ayla.. yama banat kalemaw wa7el "a9eel" oo 6ila3 zbala in the way he treats her, being a9eel doesn't meen you have a good heart.

ahali kilhum ma5theen bado or mo-a9eeleen but they live very very happy lives il7mdilla ma 3ndhum meshakil oo 7ail mrta7een..

willi they rejected u cuz ur mo a9eela UHMA MO REYAYEEEL oo may3arfoon ilsana3 w6eebat ilgalb.. lama a guy yishoof wa7da san3a oo m7tarama oo muthaqafa, they can't let a family name come between their attraction. shisalfa!!

so goolay 7ag ur friend ilmaleeeqaaaa fwai7 itgoolich inshallah that loser yitzawaj alf wa7da mt6alga oo 3indaha 3yaal oo mo mstaqerra b7ayaat'ha, oo 5al ism 3aylat'ha tfeeda lamma troo7 wtil3ab 3alaih. ;O LOSERS.

*-fwai7-* said...

anonymous, sorry, get a life. there are a million guys you can marry. bidal matgooleen Allah yihaneeha ;x
man you girls, seriously.. kint a3aref wa7da killa ta7sedni 3ala my bf lana uhwa a9eel wiyha killa t6ee7 3ala ilbado.. bes lo tshoofoon how they treat her, princess. walla. they treat her just as good as any other guy..

so quit being jealous oo i7siding ;/ inshallah Allah yarzegkum bn9eeb i6ayeb oo just goolaw 3alaikum bl3afya..

Anonymous said...

me a9eeLa and my boyfriend is NOT :(
we are plannning to get married more then 10 mnths!! haly mo ratheen o i cant imagine myself m3a a7d thany :S
bs we will try next Feb. o inshalla ma y9eer ella el khair..

P.S madry laish ghorget 3ainy once i read it :"(