Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine is there

valentine is coming around it is the first valentine for us together ,

i really was thinking what to do and what to buy hmmmm i will not give him a present his Birthday was last month and i bought him a very expensive gift 7abeebee yestaahal but i don't want to spoil him heheheheh

i heard that in hilton almanagf there are privet tents on the beach only on valentine they serve seven course meal and non -alcohol wine it costs 60 K.D for couples

but this year they couldn't`t get the approval :(((( 7asaafaaa bad luck

and because i ve calling them thousand time they will arrange a table for me :)))))) they have a great celebration but 3ashaan my 7anna they going to give a gift heheheheheh

jojo (my husband ) told me that he is sorry that he can not buy me gift this year cuz he spent some money this month and he can not make it

i am not going to get mad on him i know his stuation enshalaah after he contnue his study everything will be much better hmmmm i know that he feels sad and gulty but i never let him feel that i am botherd bl3aks

his love to me is enough i LOVE him


Chicken Soup said...

awww thats the cutest thing ever walla.. oo 9ij, il7ub bain sha59ain a'3la min aaany gift bil ma7alaat.. if you really wanna do something special for him (and its r5eee9!) i5thay a nice recipe min oo 6ib5eeelikum a romantic dinner for two ib ur home 7i6ay candles oo ashya2..
oo after dinner, libseela chee lingerie 7ilo oo have a little fun ;) he'll love it oo taking time and being together away from everyone else is very nice for valentines day..
anyways, happy valentines day to u!

Unknown said...

Thanks my dear

happy valentines day to u :)

you have great ideas ;)

wish u luck

Wer3Y said...

Cute Cupels .. allah ytamem 3leekm ;)
Happy Valentine's day..