Wednesday, February 28, 2007

vacation , Real Beauty and Feminism

Thanks my dear friend for your lovely comments that makes me happy every time i sign in in my blog

asking about my vacation , it was more like a relaxation then going out i was doing indoor activities i just bought a laptop and we bought it half half between me and my husband (sharooka ) :P

so nothing i had dinner with my bro and sis and jojo at Wasabi we had fun

today at work we were talking about people who are always comment on you when you gain wight never ever say positive things about you when you loose wight for example ,no one notice that but they will know that u gain heheh sometimes u`ll figure out that u added half kilo from them before you check it on the scale , So that what we were talking about is that now adays the community can not see the natural average body because of the slandered and ideal rules as they said for the perfect shape of women, things must change, and standards too .

ugly Betty is a great show that let us now how the community sets the rule and who are the people who r responsible for setting these rules .do they have the right to do so ?????

Feminism is in my blood i hate seeing women fail or treatedbadly by their husband and hate seeing women weak and this thing am facing everyday i hate that i want them to change i really do but how can we convince them ooooof 3a9bt 7adeee

ok all have a nice weekend


MASS said...

salamu aleykum

i was just going through your blogs looking over some of your posts mashaAllah,, may Allah bless you and your husband

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم " لم نرَ للمتحابَّيْن مثل النكاح "

your blog seems nice even though 'feminism' puts me off,,

you say that you hate it when women are treated bad,, wallahi i hate it too,,
but what is it that makes you a feminist and idenify your self as one and emphasise it in the face of other idenities,,and when you say am a feminist what do you exactly beleive and how does Islam play a role in all of this

I hope i get some feedback


K.thekuwaiti said...

Your post empowers women and changes the dynamics of the world.