Sunday, February 18, 2007

talking and t7el6em

Wed 14th :
it is Valentine :) it is the first valentine for us JOJO <---my magic drink

We had Dinner at Hilton Resort hmmm it was fun but i expected more romantic atmosphere , heheh i sow some girls that i know who are not married there with their boyfriends :P alaah yaster 3aleena o 3aleehom ya raab

bas our party at home in our bed was much much better ;)

Thieu 15th :

it was my reception day , my mom in low made this reception for me it was really fun and i love it i love my dress it very simple and nice my hair style was 3ajeeba i love it i felt that i am walking on the red carpet :P i love this style i do not like the Lebanese style of dresses thanks God my husband too is reading cosmopolitan with me so he like American ans European style of make up and dresses

the thing that makes me upset is my sister in low (7amaatee ) she didn`t come to my reception i know she wants to but her stupid husband i hate him he is treating her badly and she is also stupid she never talk for her rights oh my God o hate seeing women so weak :( alaah y3eenha but she must do something

ay shaay makhthehaa mwaadeeha el baaar (camping ) yoom el reception

i want to talk to her and give her a wake up slap but ana malee shegel

ooof 3aaa9bt 7adee

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