Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i don`t know i don`t have any thing to write about

i have been working hard these days

today i were a Red lipstick to work heheheh and everybody was telling me how nice i look with it

these days i am Fan of the red lipstick

hmmmmmm i feel boring and i feel that me and Jojo r not talking anymore i don`t know why every time he is teasing me that i am getting fat but what can i do i am taking some pills cuz my period is getting crazy and these pills will make me gain weight i hate what he is doing

i wanna cry i miss my family i miss home u can not even eat cuz if he noticed he will make fun of me all day

hmmmmm marriage is good and nice but once i remember how is my life at home with my family tears fall on my cheeks

alaah kareem


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

always a rule: never wear a red lipstick to work!

K.thekuwaiti said...

Best blog ever.

Purgatory said...

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Chicken Soup said...

7abeeeebti latetthayegain min kalama! i know he's raylich wit7ibeena oo lama he makes fun of u it hurts, bes 3adi riday 3alaiih bes ya3ni 6naza.. :P he's ur husband and ur friend, dont forget that..
iklay! ma 3alaich minna!
oo trust me, its the first few months of marriage, lazim tolheen 3ala ahalich oo stuff.. bes 7mdilla tigdireen tzooreenhum ya3ni theyre in the same country ;P smile oo dont feel bad ok??

Anonymous said...

How old are you?

NoNoWa said...

Dont let your husband make you feel bad about yourself! If he married you for love, then he should love u just the way you are. Sometimes marriage can be rough especially in the beginning, because you are getting to know each other in a different way. Hang in there and you will pull through. Sometimes men just dont know what to say and how to say it. I am an American married to a kUwaiti, and I definately understand where u r coming from.It was quite the shock when we first get married-WOW! But I got used to it and so will you. Keep your head up, girl!! He will learn- eventually!!