Saturday, February 03, 2007

New lessons

I would love to share my experience with all of you , cuz I really need to know about others too and how to deal with my new life .

the most important thing that I learned that be " Rasmeya" with his family , you like them , respect them but don`t ever be so close to them " la ta6y7een el meyana " walah then they will do not have the right to enter you life walah and also don`t get involved in their problems enshalah they will kill each other it is non of your business

walah chthee ra7 terta7eeeeeeeen , ma ra7 tertab6een ma3ahom o this is what am doing know hehehehe :) even that my mom is angry but this is my life and i am happy

one more thing I learned that if we had a fight we do not take it with us to the next day , every thing will be great again before we sleep walah cuz ethaa 6alaat el salaf you will hate each other by time

bas tha hardest thing that am facing that my husband loves camping and I hate it to death I cant stand it there I will write about that next time in detail :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess it could be hard to be rasmeya with them because people keep telling me things like, "Be close to his mother.. win her over!!!"

I suppose you can make them like you without being too close to them.

And about camping. With time you can learn to like it. Itha kelish, make him do something you like that he doesn't to even things out a bit. ;p

No identity.. said...

I totaly agreeee... i am just doing the same.. :-)