Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i love u all

Thaaaaanks all of you for youe comments , i really feelt great after i write and then read your comments waay hathee faydat el blog :)

Shopaholic Q8eya : thanks dear for your make up advaice heheh i never were make up at all at work but i was in the mood for the red :) and also there r no men at work :)

Kthekuwaiti : thank alot

*-fwai7-* : 7abeeeete i love u 7adich ray7teene walah your words helps me to get out of my sad mood love you


Chicken Soup said...

awww katkoota intay i love u tooooo :* always ibtasmay oo tefa2elay lana marriage life is supposed to be a7la ayaaaam wiya 7abeebich :) la tethayegain oo t9eereen za3oola this is the rest of ur life lazim tistansain 3ashan inshallah lamma tyeeben 3yaal tsolfeelhum 3an ur happy days :)

Anonymous said...

allah .. wanasa!

How did you meet JoJo!!??