Monday, February 05, 2007

Are you virgin ???

Today I was reading in some blogs some stories about hymen and virginity , and how this tipoic is so scientific and how we don`t know the reality of it , don`t tell me girls that you did not ever think that you may not be virgin for such a silly reasons Ex: horse riding , riding a bicycle and other silly stuff that people worming us to not do it

all this stuff are craps I really felt stupid and I was remembering my self before I get married that how much I was thinking that I may be lost my virginity while I am riding our jet ski :P

Girls it is not that easy to loose virginity , you need from week to ten days so the husband can get a full intercourse (I am so sorry but everybody should know ) and even after three months it is still not easy I do not know how come some girls lost it b ( la7that tha3f o makant 7asa ) kilshhh nooo ra7 tkooneen bwa3yech

please please wee need some one to teach girls about these stuff even though I read a lot of articles and books about this issue b4 I got married but in reality it is different so girls do not ever worry about these stuff if you r a good girl you will never loose it :)


Street Performer said...

Wild Wadi.. the big slide :P
*GoodTimes :D

*-fwai7-* said...

interesting subject.. its kinda hard for a girl to lose her virginity fa ana ma a9adeg lama people yigooloon la trkebeen 5ail aw dont do ballet or whatever..
but you know what, if you're a good girl and you dont let anything get in there, you're safe :)
a9lan sma3t inna 95% of kuwaiti guys can't tell if tha wa7da maftoo7a or no. is this true? LOL

Delicately Realistic said...

LOL ee bil thab6!
Thats exactly what all my friends told me...its not easy at all....i really wonder how girls lose their virginity 'by mistake' its very highly unlikely. 6ab3an ilaflam il3abaw dor kber ib hal mawtho3....chak bom...shes not a virgin anymore....shloooooon?!?!?!
All my friends took from 2 weeks till 1 month!

New Bride said...

Thanks for your comments girls :) inshalaah u `ll try it :)

vyyvaa said...

ur right, i got married late august took us 2 weeks, and it hurt the whole two first months,

vyyvaa said...

oh and we were totally doubting that i lost it since the blood didnt come out as exaggerated as we've been told.

Anonymous said...

thot its so eaily to lose it :S!!
dont know why!
mayby tarbytba o ahalna 3almoona chehty?!! :$