Wednesday, February 28, 2007

vacation , Real Beauty and Feminism

Thanks my dear friend for your lovely comments that makes me happy every time i sign in in my blog

asking about my vacation , it was more like a relaxation then going out i was doing indoor activities i just bought a laptop and we bought it half half between me and my husband (sharooka ) :P

so nothing i had dinner with my bro and sis and jojo at Wasabi we had fun

today at work we were talking about people who are always comment on you when you gain wight never ever say positive things about you when you loose wight for example ,no one notice that but they will know that u gain heheh sometimes u`ll figure out that u added half kilo from them before you check it on the scale , So that what we were talking about is that now adays the community can not see the natural average body because of the slandered and ideal rules as they said for the perfect shape of women, things must change, and standards too .

ugly Betty is a great show that let us now how the community sets the rule and who are the people who r responsible for setting these rules .do they have the right to do so ?????

Feminism is in my blood i hate seeing women fail or treatedbadly by their husband and hate seeing women weak and this thing am facing everyday i hate that i want them to change i really do but how can we convince them ooooof 3a9bt 7adeee

ok all have a nice weekend

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Busy with Work

back from the vacation o 7adee busy at work

i have lots of things in my mind

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i don`t know i don`t have any thing to write about

i have been working hard these days

today i were a Red lipstick to work heheheh and everybody was telling me how nice i look with it

these days i am Fan of the red lipstick

hmmmmmm i feel boring and i feel that me and Jojo r not talking anymore i don`t know why every time he is teasing me that i am getting fat but what can i do i am taking some pills cuz my period is getting crazy and these pills will make me gain weight i hate what he is doing

i wanna cry i miss my family i miss home u can not even eat cuz if he noticed he will make fun of me all day

hmmmmm marriage is good and nice but once i remember how is my life at home with my family tears fall on my cheeks

alaah kareem

Sunday, February 18, 2007

talking and t7el6em

Wed 14th :
it is Valentine :) it is the first valentine for us JOJO <---my magic drink

We had Dinner at Hilton Resort hmmm it was fun but i expected more romantic atmosphere , heheh i sow some girls that i know who are not married there with their boyfriends :P alaah yaster 3aleena o 3aleehom ya raab

bas our party at home in our bed was much much better ;)

Thieu 15th :

it was my reception day , my mom in low made this reception for me it was really fun and i love it i love my dress it very simple and nice my hair style was 3ajeeba i love it i felt that i am walking on the red carpet :P i love this style i do not like the Lebanese style of dresses thanks God my husband too is reading cosmopolitan with me so he like American ans European style of make up and dresses

the thing that makes me upset is my sister in low (7amaatee ) she didn`t come to my reception i know she wants to but her stupid husband i hate him he is treating her badly and she is also stupid she never talk for her rights oh my God o hate seeing women so weak :( alaah y3eenha but she must do something

ay shaay makhthehaa mwaadeeha el baaar (camping ) yoom el reception

i want to talk to her and give her a wake up slap but ana malee shegel

ooof 3aaa9bt 7adee

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Go Nut on valentine

while i am reading my favorite blog he mentioned Go nut Donut valentine package so i showed my c0-worker N the pic of the donut and it was heart shaped donut heheh it looks really cooool check the pic i took it from the blog so we ordered and they delivered the boxes here at work in no time even though they told me that they are busy and all the drivers are out they r so friendly heheheh try it looks cool but i didn`t eat it i will Waite to take it home for JOJO

Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine is there

valentine is coming around it is the first valentine for us together ,

i really was thinking what to do and what to buy hmmmm i will not give him a present his Birthday was last month and i bought him a very expensive gift 7abeebee yestaahal but i don't want to spoil him heheheheh

i heard that in hilton almanagf there are privet tents on the beach only on valentine they serve seven course meal and non -alcohol wine it costs 60 K.D for couples

but this year they couldn't`t get the approval :(((( 7asaafaaa bad luck

and because i ve calling them thousand time they will arrange a table for me :)))))) they have a great celebration but 3ashaan my 7anna they going to give a gift heheheheheh

jojo (my husband ) told me that he is sorry that he can not buy me gift this year cuz he spent some money this month and he can not make it

i am not going to get mad on him i know his stuation enshalaah after he contnue his study everything will be much better hmmmm i know that he feels sad and gulty but i never let him feel that i am botherd bl3aks

his love to me is enough i LOVE him

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Work again :)

Working is started all over again , the semester started and we started working , everybody came back from their vacation

i went to the airport yesterday at 11:30 pm God it was full really full people are coming back to school :P

my family arrived yesterday i am Happy they are back it is the first time they r traveling without me and i felt bad :(

but what can i do i am married now and i just came from my honeymoon heheheheh

i miss them alot i miss my Sis <<----7maaaaraaa i love her she is my only sister

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

woooow :)

Thanks thanks all of you 3laa your great thought el7amdelaah there r girls and women thinking like that
walah people must change dazzeld
anonymous : don`t let salfat el a9el wel fa9el ta3meech mn ench tshoofeen el good things bl naas come on :)
fwai7 :) good luck o enshalah I heard that you will get married to the one you loved o egraay 3laa nafsich :P

vyyvaa: u words makes me feel great again :) walah I am happy that there are great nice people just like you

see ya

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

why ???

Today morning I got a phone call from my friend A , I like her cuz she is my friend bas she is maleeega sometimes and I don`t like her way of behaving hmmm dasheet b mawthoo4 thanee

any way I was wondering about something we are Muslims and we know that all Muslims r equal but here in Kuwait the idea of el a9el o esm el3aylaa really matter

I hate this subject look my mom is from 3ylaa a9eela o my dad is not but he is wel educated we lived mashalaah 3eeshaa waaayed zeena  but I got rejected from some guys who proposed to me because of el a9el !!! Why is that happening waayed banaat khoosh banaat well educated 7lween ma ytzawjoon bsebat el a9el

back to my friend before I get married kha6bnee wa7ed mn 6arfhaa a friend of her sure he rejected me and i know why cuz of the family stuff even that he is mo a9eel bas 3ayla ma3roofa I was shocked el 9ra7a bas el 7mdeeleeh alah mo kateb today my friend el maleega dagaa 3laay tgoolee enah kha6ab wa7da o halwa7daa 3mrhaa 29 she is younger than him only for one year , divorced bas mn 3yalaaa o gamat t3added a9lhom o fa9lhom
oh my god leesh em naas bas hatha tafkeerhom oof any way ham fe naas ma yhemhom hal ashayaa`a my husband mn 3aylaa a9eela they never ask about anything ahaam shaay 3ndhom elbnt tkoon zeena o san3aa

a7laa shay bl blog bedaal ma aroo7 a7esh 3nd wa7daa mn elbanaat a6le3 7arrtee hnee

Monday, February 05, 2007

Are you virgin ???

Today I was reading in some blogs some stories about hymen and virginity , and how this tipoic is so scientific and how we don`t know the reality of it , don`t tell me girls that you did not ever think that you may not be virgin for such a silly reasons Ex: horse riding , riding a bicycle and other silly stuff that people worming us to not do it

all this stuff are craps I really felt stupid and I was remembering my self before I get married that how much I was thinking that I may be lost my virginity while I am riding our jet ski :P

Girls it is not that easy to loose virginity , you need from week to ten days so the husband can get a full intercourse (I am so sorry but everybody should know ) and even after three months it is still not easy I do not know how come some girls lost it b ( la7that tha3f o makant 7asa ) kilshhh nooo ra7 tkooneen bwa3yech

please please wee need some one to teach girls about these stuff even though I read a lot of articles and books about this issue b4 I got married but in reality it is different so girls do not ever worry about these stuff if you r a good girl you will never loose it :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

New lessons

I would love to share my experience with all of you , cuz I really need to know about others too and how to deal with my new life .

the most important thing that I learned that be " Rasmeya" with his family , you like them , respect them but don`t ever be so close to them " la ta6y7een el meyana " walah then they will do not have the right to enter you life walah and also don`t get involved in their problems enshalah they will kill each other it is non of your business

walah chthee ra7 terta7eeeeeeeen , ma ra7 tertab6een ma3ahom o this is what am doing know hehehehe :) even that my mom is angry but this is my life and i am happy

one more thing I learned that if we had a fight we do not take it with us to the next day , every thing will be great again before we sleep walah cuz ethaa 6alaat el salaf you will hate each other by time

bas tha hardest thing that am facing that my husband loves camping and I hate it to death I cant stand it there I will write about that next time in detail :)