Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lots of things

waaaay Finley it`s Wednesday , I woke up this morning and there is nothing in mind except my husband`s sister ( 7amate ) oh my God she is driving me crazy offffffff I don`t know what to called her but she is so quite and she don`t have any dreams or ambitions in life , I really want to talk to her and advice her but Jasom my husband did not allow me cuz it`s her life hmmmmm

her husband is controlling her and this is hurts me am a feminist and I don`t like to see a man treating his wife this way oooooof but I really figured something women need to get their husband`s respect

- a woman should merry after 25
- a woman should drive a car and she must have her own car
- every women should be graduate and she must be working
Don`t ever let him feel that you depend on him

oh my God I feel angry I need to do something with her she don`t even visit her mom and what makes me pissed is that she is happy with it

Thanks God jasooom is my husband
aslo thaaaaaanks alot to the only person who comment :) heheheh


Chicken Soup said...

hehehe il3afo ;D

i can't say i know how u feel, my boyfriends sister is verrry independent.. she works oo she doesnt need a man and she's very successful and beautiful, bes ilshay ilwa7eed illi yinarfezni is that she's ahead of me in many ways fa a5af lamma ana oo bf ntzawaj, she'll intimidate me. bes ma a3teqid.. madri..

bes in ur case, latkalmeenha ashkara 3an hal mawthoo3.. :P she's ur husbands sister, mafroth it6igeen il9e7ba wiyaha oo itrafjeenha, oo shway shway u'll influence her :) show her its good to have fun and try new things and have experiences. try going out with her once and have a REALLY good time. i know innich mtzawja oo everythings not-so-fa9la when ur married, bes try to show her INDIRECTLY inna wanasa ti6la3 witsawi 3ala kaif'ha sometimes oo itwanes roo7ha moo killa ta7t amer her husband yisay6er 3alaiha ;/
oo shway shway inshallah her personality ra7 itbayen oo kilshay byt'3ayar.. :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey keep posting! I love your blog because I'd like to hear about the "newly wed" experience since I'm very close to becoming a bride, inshallah :D

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thanks Thanks alot for your comments :) fwai7 that`s right lazem t9eereen her frind :) heheh thanks alot

Anonymous said...

no u will have me as a regular visitor, i am approaching my 6 month since marriage, and we have alot of things in common :)