Saturday, October 07, 2006


i got married 3days before ramadan , don`t ever do this mistake cuz you will feel tired all day , and there is no place to hang out and you will not have time to do any thing ;) you got me

hmmmm i really want to talk more but now am working

see ya

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The bride`s feelings

As I said before it`s been 2 weeks since my wedding day , now I was trying to remember my feelings at that day the problem is that " I can`t remember any thing " walah it was just like a dream here in Kuwait the style in our wedding gives the bride a huge wave of anxiety so she will never enjoy her wedding what makes me happy that my wedding become the wedding of the season everybody was talking about how fun was it and how amazing I was Thanks God it`s the wedding that I dreamed of but where is the fun that I suppose to feel ?????? I was kind of sleepy and tired this is my feelings hehehehe

so brides try to enjoy yourself

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finally I did create my own Blog it’s been an Idea for along time but I did it now J
It’s been tow weeks for me since my wedding day , really it is a new life and anew experience , but I am handling it : )

My advice to all girls “Don’t ever listen to any one before your wedding day “everyone is going to give you information according to her own experience This is Wrong walah I was shocked heheeheheh it’s really different this first night it’s not that easy, although I was married to my lover but the fist night is really hard and it’s not a big deal that every thing will happened in the first night, come on!!!!

So just try to have fun and enjoy trying to discover each other

Good luck